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The Peculiar Sensation of Being Pat Ingoldsby

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Pat Ingoldsby
Date & time Wed 8 Feb 2023

This creative documentary investigates the idiosyncratic world of Irish writer Pat Ingoldsby. Ingoldsby's poems and candid anecdotes bear witness to a visceral relationship with his beloved Dublin and its many social, institutional and architectural changes over 80 years.

He is fondly remembered as an eccentric 1980s TV presenter (Pat’s Hat, Pat’s Chat) and more recently as a stalwart of the Dublin streets where he recites and sells his many books of poetry.

Seamus Murphy (A Dog Called Money) has crafted a moving and entertaining portrait of a maverick who has faced personal challenges with apparent equanimity finding balm in his writing which infuses the banality of the everyday with surreal humour.

Dir: Seamus Murphy, 80 mins, Ireland, 2022

A charming and illuminating portrait of the people's poet uncovers his fascinating background The Irish Times
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