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Our Vision

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The Source Arts Centre utilises the word ‘source’ as a basis for developing the work of local and regional artists and supports for them into the short to medium term.

The theme of our strategy is ‘The Point of Origin’ – the Source being a place where projects emanate from - are incubated, developed, produced and presented - whilst also retaining the ‘receiving venue’ and audience commitment functions to present incoming touring works of quality to a local audience.



To support our creators and inspire our audience.

Core Values

Creativity, Recognition, Support, Development, Community, Respect



  1. To support local artists* in creating quality artworks
  2. To support local artists in making a living from their work and to ensure that artists are paid fairly for their work
  3. To support local artists in presenting and touring artworks nationally and internationally.
  4. To be a vibrant venue for the presentation of high quality touring artworks and performances which will enrich, enliven and engage audiences.
  5. To develop and support lasting collaborative approaches with the local professional and non-professional arts community, with the broader and diverse communities and with young people in the county.
  6. To support the ongoing development of arts infrastructure in Tipperary.
  7. To take an environmentally sustainable approach to our activities

*Local artists refers to those living or born in Tipperary

Our Strategy is available to view: Click here

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