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Hidden: Animals in The Anthro-pocene

Hidden Exhibition
Date & time Fri 9 Sep — Sat 15 Oct 2022

For the project HIDDEN – Animals in the Anthropocene, 40 photographers have joined forces to take a close look at industrial agriculture, the fashion and entertainment industries, research and fishing, revealing the cruelty to which animals are subjected on a daily basis.

Included are images by some of the world’s best-known wildlife photographers, such as Jo-Anne McArthur, Daniel Beltrá, Aaron Gekoski and Britta Jaschinski.


The belief that we can use certain species for our needs is ingrained in us: we capture and imprison them, wear their skin, eat their flesh, and experiment on their bodies in the name of science. How is it that we make distinctions between domestic, farm and wild animals? These images investigate and interrogate these views.

Works by: Jon Amad, Daniel Beltrá, Adam Dean, Aitor Garmendia, Aaron Gekoski, Jan van IJken | Precious Animals, Britta Jaschinski, Lissy Jayne, Konrad Lozinski, Selene Magnolia, Jo-Anne McArthur, Kristo Muurimaa, Adam Oswell, Carlota Saorsa, Andrew Skowron, Timo Stammberger, Luis Tato, Gav Wheatley

An exhibition in cooperation with f 3 -freiraum für fotografie and We Animals Media


Patrons Note: Discretion advised – some images may be upsetting to viewers.

Photograph: Britta Jaschinski

Part of the Project Animals Season



1. We Animals Media website:

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