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Rehearsed Reading: 'Closing Hour' by Áine Ryan

Closing Time
Date & time Tue 6 Dec 2022
7.30 p.m.
Tickets Free - Entrance at door

A rehearsed Reading of Aine Ryan's new play.

When Irish women Betty and Teresa moved to London as young women, they had dreams of much different lives than the ones they’ve ended up with, many decades later - sharing lives and a living space above a pub in a run down but slowly gentrifying area of South East London.
But when the daughter of an old housemate arrives to help them run the pub while their landlady is in hospital, tensions run high between the two women - dragging up secrets and regrets of an unfulfilled past and an uncertain future.

Áine Ryan is an actor from Co.Tipperary, Ireland. Her first play 'Kitty in the Lane' was performed Edinburgh Fringe Festival and transferred to San Francisco International Arts Festival. Her second play 'Up the Hill Jackie' was performed at Bedlam Theatre for Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and her most recent 'Paddy Goes To Petra' was performed at the Jack Studio Theatre in London this Autumn to great acclaim.

Patrons Note: This is a rehearsed reading by an assembled cast and not a full production of the play.

Image by Joe from Pixabay

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