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Triangle of Sadness

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Triangle Of Sadness
Date & time Wed 1 Mar 2023

A cruise for the super-rich sinks, leaving survivors, including a fashion model celebrity couple, trapped on an island.

In 2017, Ruben Östlund won the Palme d’Or for The Square, a caustic evisceration of the art world; this year he was awarded the Cannes Film Festival’s top prize for a second time with Triangle of Sadness, in which his satirical arrows are targeted at the excess and vanity of the super-rich with frequently uproarious results. Carl (Harris Dickinson), a young male supermodel, and his girlfriend Yaya (Charlbi Dean), a successful social media influencer, have snagged a free cruise on a luxury yacht, with an idiosyncratic, Marx-quoting, frequently inebriated captain (Woody Harrelson).

Among their fellow passengers are Winston and Clementine, elderly British arms manufacturers, and Dimitry, a slovenly Russian fertiliser magnate. Assembling for the captain’s gala dinner on a storm-tossed night, the rogues’ gallery of grotesques is inflicted with a series of humiliations that reveal the vulgar reality beneath their gilded exteriors.

Dir: Ruben Östlund, 147 mins, Sweden-France-UK-Germany, 2022

Triangle of Sadness makes for delicious schadenfreude The Irish Examiner
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