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Down The Rabbit Hole Theatre presents

The Estate

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The Estate
Date & time Fri 9 Sep 2022
Tickets €15.00

You're going to love your neighbours at The Source Arts Centre.

Each house has a tale to tell. The twitching curtains of the old couple in number 12...the layabout Lamberts of number 25, always looking for a quick buck…the dodgy auctioneer with an eye for the ladies and a foot in the mouth…your local traffic warden in number 17, who’s a gent on the streets and a beast in the sheets…the childless couple in 24 and their bolt from the blue…the perennial partiers of number 19, who like to party like it’s 1999…But NO ONE can escape the terror of the midnight masked vandals, with a penchant for eggs and flaming bags of dog doo.

When you live in The Estate, paper thin walls can only hide so much. Everyone here will know your secrets! Whether you want them to or not…”

‘The Estate’ is an original play, devised and written by Amy Hill and James Whelan from Down The Rabbit Hole Theatre Group, based in Clonmel.

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