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The Eight Mountains

Eight Mountains Large
Date & time Wed 6 Dec 2023

A beautifully paced, intimate epic, The Eight Mountains tells the sweeping story of the decades-long friendship between two young men, framed against the backdrop of northern Italy’s sublime Alpine region.

Twelve-year-old Pietro meets Bruno when his family rent a house in a village where Bruno is the only remaining child; the boys bond over an endless summer spent climbing the vertiginous mountains and playing in meadows.

As adults (played respectively by Luca Marinelli and Alessandro Borghi), their friendship remains a constant as their lives deviate, Pietro being drawn to life in Nepal, whilst the ruggedly independent Bruno operates a farm with his young family. Every summer, the two men return to the mountain idyll of their youth, where they have built a rustic abode on land bequeathed to Pietro by his father, from whom he had grown estranged.

DIR: FELIX VAN GROENINGEN & CHARLOTTE VANDERMEERSCH | 147 mins | Italy-Belgium-France | 2022

a movie with air in its lungs and love in its heart The Guardian
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