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Small Body

Small Body Movie
Date & time Wed 2 Nov 2022
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Set in north-eastern Italy, Laura Samani’s feature debut follows a grieving mother on an impossible journey to safe the soul of her stillborn daughter.

In an isolated island community at the beginning of the 20th century, Agate gives birth to a little girl; sleeping. Terrified that her child will forever drift in spiritual limbo, she flees husband and family,
with her baby’s body, embarking on a desperate, dangerous journey to the mountains, where there may be someone somewhere who can perform a miracle.

With its thoughtful tone, dark and enchanting atmosphere, and skilful pacing this feels like a Gothic fairy tale. At times breathtakingly beautiful, making great use of its Friuli Venezia settings, this is a captivating, remarkably assured debut.

A sublimely shot parable of spiritual redemption. The Guardian

Director: Laura Samani. Italy, France, Slovenia, 2021, 89 minutes

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