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People Wipe Me

People Wipe Me Dearbhile Graham
Date & time Thu 2 Feb 2023
8 p.m.
Tickets €12 Book Now

'People Wipe Me' is a one-woman show about a contrary woman with wonky eyes. Derbhile Graham is partially sighted. In plain English, that means she doesn't see very well. And this has given her freedom to be a contrarian, a woman who is not afraid to swim against the tide, even if it makes her arms sore.

Over 60 minutes, she takes us on a tour of her contrarian world, a world full of lumps and bumps for her feet to trip on. Her style could be described as confessional comedy. She makes people laugh, but she also encourages them to ask themselves an important question: Am I willing to pay the price for being myself?

Duration: 60 mins

Tickets on sale: 14/10/22

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