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Maas Theater and Dance


Bully Bully Maas theater en dans Kamerich Budwilowitz large
Date & time Thu 3 Oct 2024
10 am and 12 noon
Tickets €10/Group Rates available

What do a toddler and your average world leader have in common?

Are there presidents who might also be throwing fits in the middle of supermarket isles? Or scream furiously until they get what they want? If you were to squint your eyes and look at a screaming toddler and an adult man in a suit talking nonsense sitting next to each other, you may hardly even see the difference. Of course, one of them has a say in everything while the other has to do everything they’re being told.

gives the audience Duplo-level insight into the collision of two world-powers that, eventually, learn to meet in the middle; politics at the kindergarten and childishness amongst serious and powerful grown-ups.

From Maas Theatre and Dance, this is a toddler’s musical the likes of West Side Story that presents us with two performers, many songs, funny quarrels, a bit of bickering and... eventually, a happy ending.


Group Rates/Schools Booking on 0504 90204 I email:

Duration 40 mins I Ages 3 and up

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