Republic of Shame

Republic of Shame
Thu 22 Apr 2021





The religious-run institutions in Ireland might seem like a thing of the past but thousands of people are still searching for answers and searching for each other. Sean Ross Abbey in Roscrea was one of the biggest institutions in the country and women from Tipperary were also sent to different institutions across Ireland. As the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes released its controversial final report this year, there has been a surge in support for survivors to have access to their records and the right to know their identity. The Source will hold a special online event hosted by 'Republic of Shame' author Caelainn Hogan, opening up a conversation and bringing together intergenerational survivors of these institutions who will share readings, poetry and their own experiences.

Colleen Anderson was born in Sean Ross Abbey and was one of hundreds of children sent from the institution to America for adoption. She now lives in Ireland and will speak about her experience visiting Roscrea for the first time while trying to access information about her identity.

Terri Harrison is a mother who went to England when she was pregnant in the hopes of keeping her child but was forcibly brought back by the Crusade of Rescue and sent to institutions in both Cork and Dublin. She is a musician and the director of the Christine Buckley Centre.

Jess Kavanagh is a singer and writer from Dublin who has performed internationally with Hozier and The Waterboys. She has performed spoken word poetry about her mother's adoption and written about her experience as a mixed-race Irish woman.

Noelle Brown is an actor, writer and activist who was adopted from Bessborough mother and baby home institution in Cork, run by the same religious order that ran Sean Ross Abbey. Her play Postscript explores her experience attempting to trace her mother.

Caelainn Hogan is a journalist from Dublin whose book 'Republic of Shame' investigates the history and ongoing legacy of Ireland's religious-run institutions. She has reported for The New York Times, National Geographic, The Guardian, and The Washington Post.


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