Good Buzz Productions present Tender Napalm

Tender Napalm
Fri 05 May 2017
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“I could squeeze a bullet between those lips. Point first. Press it between those rosebud lips. Prise it between your pearly whites. Gently. I wouldn’t break a single tooth.”

Philip Ridley’s high impact two-character play brings a sizzle to The Source this May. A couple navigate their way through the passionate battlefield of a relationship, leaving a blazing trail of destruction in their wake. By turns raw, moving and lyrical, Tender Napalm paints the intimate portrait of two battling souls in Ridley’s unique poetic style. 

Good Buzz Productions has become a rotating group of artists making work that is affecting, relevant and fun, with the aim of inviting its audiences to question the world that surrounds them.

Special access and wheelchair users please inform the box office at the time of booking that you may need accessibility seating. T:0504 90204

Tender Napalm is full of life and vitality, excellently devised as the action battles against the core darkness of the story… the audience is treated to 80 minutes of intense performance that is both daring and delightful. David Keane

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