Mon 22Fri 26 Jul 2019




10am to 4pm

* SPECIAL OFFER * €40 discount when booking all three teen projects ( Songschool, The Eagle Has Landed, Walls Street Art ) 

Calling all creative music types! If you like strumming a chord, dropping a beat or rapping a word, then we have a week for you! Working with the experienced SongSchool crew you’ll spend 5 days writing and jamming up ideas with like-minded folk. Then you will arrange, rehearse, record a song with your new group. The creative juices will keep flowing as you will perform the original material you have created during the week in a one off showcase in the Arts Centre on Thursday evening. On Friday you will reflect on the gig and make a
music video. It's a great week and could be the highlight of your Summer! All levels and interests welcome, whether you’re a beginner or a Beethoven come along, collaborate, create and perform! The more eclectic the mix the more electric the music!

Please book directly through box offce. Numbers are limited. Call 0504 90204.

Suitable for ages 13-18 years


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