Sofa Symphony: The Music of Steve Reich/‘Music for 18 musicians’

Sofa Symphony: The Music of Steve Reich/‘Music for 18 musicians’
Thu 13 May 2021





Originally delivered as part of the Healthy Ireland initiative and with assistance from the Tipperary County Council  - Tipperary Arts Office , “The Sofa Symphony” is a live online ‘Listening Party’ at The Source Arts Centre where music lovers can listen to great works of classical  music and in real-time share their reactions and comments with other music lovers. Delivered though the use of free-to-access digital platform such asfacebook, Spotify and YouTube and taking place every Thursday evening during the month of May each concert is also enhanced by fun and informative video presentations and helpful listening guides.

Steve Reich (b. 1936) is one of America’s most famous composers since the Second World War. In the late-1960's he, along with Philip Glass, lead the ‘Minimalist’ movement in music and helped to change the face of modern music. From his early ‘phase compositions’ (Inspired by playing with tape loops) such as Piano Phase through to more mature and historically inspired pieces such as ‘Different Trains’ his music brought an energy and edge to contemporary music that (especially young) audiences responded to. The 1978 recording of ‘Music for Eighteen Musicians’ is one of the most best-selling releases of contemporary music ever and attracted fans outside of just the contemporary music scene including David Bowie (who included it on his list of 25 Favorite albums) and Brian Eno.

The concerts are curated by Tipperary based Music Director/Educator Eamon O’Malley who will introduce each work and present a specially recorded video-guide each week. While the music is playing, audience members can use an online comments board to remark, make observations and interact with others in an informal and fun online setting.

Image by Ernesto Eslava from Pixabay


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