Sheila Stone:Charon’s Boats

Sheila Stone:Charon’s Boats
Fri 15Fri 29 Jun 2018




10am to 5pm (Saturday 2pm-5pm)

In 2016, 362,753 people fled to the EU by crossing the Mediterranean. Of these 5,000 were reported missing or dead. This loss of life was the largest in a single year. Ceramic Artist Sheila Stone's work is a personal and political attempt to give meaning to numbers by making space for their enormity. To date, she has, with the help of friends, students, and local community groups, made five thousand boats. For a limited time this project, a reference to Charon – the boatman of Greek mythology who was paid to ferry the dead to the next life, is displayed in The Source. Like his passengers these migrating families; mothers, fathers, children, uncles, grandmothers, were paying out for a doomed passage. Seeing it, laid out in front of you in an exhibition, it's harder to look away, the connection to a distant hurt becomes stronger

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