Source Arts Centre Out Building Exhibition

Out Building Exhibition
Thu 01 Apr – Fri 28 May 2021




10am to 5pm (Mon-Fri) 2pm to 5pm (Saturday)

image: Marilin North ' Portal Shed' Charcoal on canvas, 40cm diameter round, 2020.

'Out Building' – A group show with Artists John Kennedy, Marilin North and John O'Reilly, curated by The Source Arts Centre and looking at depictions of functional, prefabricated or kit-built rural and urban buildings that have a perception of having a low-architectural value. The exhibition runs from the 12th March until the 28th May.

Notwithstanding their design qualities, buildings have a perceived value other than their monetary value in respect of their age, their location, their purpose and history, their commissioners, architects or builders and whether they are built to be obsolete in a short period. In respect of these elements, they make a statement about themselves and accrue a status. This exhibition then, looks at depictions of ‘low-status’ buildings. The images by the three Artists naturally reassess the buildings and their value and the exhibition looks at how image-making can create, identify or add value to what can be regarded as the functional and mundane.

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Gallery Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm
Saturdays 2-5pm


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