Farah Elle: The Waves

Farah Elle: The Waves
Thu 04 Mar 2021





In 2020 Source commissioned a number of musical acts to create long form pieces. In this event we hear one of the completed pieces and chat to the performers.

'The Waves' is an 8 minute work from Dublin-based performer Farah Elle.
She says: “ 'The Waves' is an 8 minute excerpt of music and is in free time, following a stream of consciousness which represents an amalgamation of thoughts and ideas that came to Farah during the global pandemic of 2020 and onwards.
Sonically, the track is quite raw and consists only of piano, main vocals and backing vocals. I recorded this piece of music at home and purposefully chose not to over-produce the track by means of articulating what it feels like to sit in solitude. Themes of growth, unity, power and our relationship with all of these things; alongside the backdrop of our individual and collective healing process are all ideas that are explored in this track. Combining Arabic and English, I look at the complexities of our roots and the ways that the human spirit responds during testing times. Gratitude, faith, racial equality and social progress are also themes that are unapologetically explored in this track, giving space to the listener to think.”

Farah Elle is a progressive Artist / Musician based in Dublin, whose distinctive voice reveals something of the beauty in the ephemeral everyday. Farah has eclectic influences, rich in Libyan echoes from her North African background. Her ethos as an Artist is to actively value the power of music and language as tools for progress and healing. Farah also holds music & wellness workshops to encourage people of all creeds to creatively express themselves and celebrate their identities. In the meantime, Farah Elle’s debut album 'FATIMA', named after her mother; is due for release in 2021.

This is an online event - register here 

Duration: 45 mins

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