Y Arts Project Dream Like Maya Deren: Workshop

Dream Like Maya Deren: Workshop
Sat 24 Apr 2021





Maya Deren was a Ukrainian-born American experimental filmmaker  in the 1940s and 1950s. One of her most famous works is 'Meshes Of The Afternoon' (1943) - an avant-garde film of a dream state, where repeated events take on emotional and symbolic significance for the central character. 

In this interactive workshop, we will look at the film and also how dream states or the subconscious are depicted in art, offering a rich area of expression for the artist

This workshop is part of the Source Arts Centre's 'Y' Arts Programme. The ‘Y’ Arts Programme encourages young people aged between 13 and18 to create new works of art using a task and challenge based approach. The programme aims to encourage an understanding of contemporary art and avant-garde art.

We set the task, you create the work.

This is an interactive online event via Zoom and you may switch on your webcam if you wish. 

Registration is required in advance. Please register here:

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