Anna’s Anchor: What If There’s More?

Anna’s Anchor: What If There’s More?
Thu 18 Mar 2021





In 2020 Source commissioned a number of musical acts to create long form pieces. In this event we hear one of the completed pieces and chat to the performers.

'What If There's More?' is a 9 minutes and counting, cinematic guitar-washed composition from Anna's Anchor. Ably helmed by Marty Ryan, Anna's Anchor are a Limerick based Indie / Punk / Alternative act.

Marty says: "When approached by Source about commissioning me to produce a longform piece of music, I jumped at the opportunity. Anna's Anchor is more known for short punk songs than anything else so it was a great chance to break that mould. I'm hugely influenced by movie soundtracks and scoring is something I’ve always wanted to do so I approached this piece of music with that frame of mind.

As a touring musician, I've used Anna's Anchor as a vehicle to see the world. It's become both a profession and a necessity for my own well being. I've been so privileged to have spent so much time travelling abroad these last few years that when it was taken away this year, I found it very difficult. Confined to a 2km radius of housing and industrial estates for months on end, I forgot what the feeling of breaking free and heading off on an adventure felt like. The first day initial travel restrictions were removed, a friend and I drove to the coast to reach the sea as the sun came up for a swim at dawn. The feeling was difficult to put into words so I tried to document it in this instrumental piece of music entitled "What if There's More?"

'What If There's More'  is available to listen to and buy on Bandcamp here .

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