The Source Youth Arts Summer Programme


Now in its 11th year, The Source Youth Arts Summer Programme brings together another spectacular 10 day project. ‘Beyond the Frame ‘ will create two art/performance spaces, one in Thurles Skate park and one in the car park beneath The Source. Cormac Cullinan is an artist whose work is recognised country wide. He will be here for the first five days and along with our students and many volunteers they will create the artwork in our assigned areas. On Tuesday 12th July Tony Fegan (Artistic Director Tallght Community Arts), Tadashi Kato(Artist and Designer) and Caroline Calburn (Choreographer and Artistic Director from Cape Town South Africa) will create a performance piece that brings alive the art the young people have made. They will be painted into the artwork with body paint and costumes and will tell a story with music and dance. Open to young people aged between 11 to 17 years who are interested in performance, design, music and digital projection.

Please contact the box office directly on 0504 90204. Places are limited- early booking advised.