We’ve got some classic theatre in our programme this season with works by Wilde, Pinter and Ibsen as well as new Irish works and the annual Autumn production from Thurles Drama Group. Music is provided by Duke Special, Phil Coulter, with tributes to Christie Hennessy, Queen and Led Zeppelin also included.
Neil Delamere, Fred Cooke and a double header with Bernard O’Shea and Karl Spain provide the laughs this season. We’re also delighted to have back the annual Panto – which is Hansel and Gretel this Winter.
We have a strong film selection as always with a number of Academy Award and Cannes Film Festival winners – ‘La La Land’, ‘Moonlight’, ‘The Salesman’ and a special screening of ‘Dr. Zhivago’, this being the 100 anniversary of the Russian revolution. Remember we screen all out films on a cinema size screen, so you get the best picture  - and sound available. If you are interested in doing an arts project or putting on an event, don’t hesitate to contact and we’ll see if we can help. The Source is always open to new and interesting ideas so give us a call here.

We look forward to seeing you sometime this season,