Don’t forget to bring your hippo catcher on 04 April!


FAMILY TICKET available through box office on 0504 90204

A fabulous family show for mid-term! - buy tickets.

Calling all hippo expert enthusiasts! ‘Dr. Zeiffal and Dr. Zeigal and The Hippo That Can Never Be Caught’ invites the audience to help the forgetful Dr. Zeiffal catch the crafty Hippo with her patented Hippo Instruments: the Invisible Hippo Blanket, the Hippo Google Goggles and a blizzard of Hippo packaging. Expect belly laughs, belly flops, surreal slapstick and fantastical falling over in this interactive family comedy created by Mouths of Lions. Bring your hippo catchers and your hippo google goggles, because Dr. Zeiffal has most likely lost hers…

Suitable for ages 4-12 years. Special access and wheelchair users please inform the box office when you are booking that you may need accessibility seating.