Pat Talbot productions presents The Quiet Land

The Quiet Land
Fri 28 Apr 2017
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Two elderly farmers, Eamon and Nashee, (Des Keogh and Derry Power) meet at a gate on a remote hillside. These men are old friends, old rivals, old neighbours. They are men of heart, of humour, of hardness. Their conversation is a throwback to a gentler time, when silence was as telling as declaration, and meaning was more often found between the lines than on them. But there's nothing gentle about today's conversation. In facing the bitter reality of their remote defiance, Eamon and Nashee have grown fearful and desperate. Now they are forced to confront each other with some heartbreaking truths that test their friendship to its limit.

Two quietly epic performances…..don’t miss it. Emer O Kelly, Sunday Independent

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