Remembering The Fenians - CANCELLED

Remembering The Fenians - CANCELLED
Sat 04 Nov 2017




10am to 4.30pm


This day-long Saturday Seminar is the final of a series of five events organized by the ‘Tipperary in the Decade of Revolution’ Group to commemorate the pioneering Republicans whose actions in 1867 would contribute directly to the 1916 Rising 50 years later. The objective is to mark the year of the Fenian Rising in Tipperary and to understand the significance of what followed in the subsequent decades, culminating in the 1916 Rising and the following years of revolution. A series of national and local speakers will review the Fenian Proclamation of an Irish Republic in 1867 as well as main characters and events linked to the Fenians in Tipperary and their Irish American connections.

Special access and wheelchair users please inform the box office at the time of booking that you may need accessibility seating. T:0504 90204.

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