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A Quiet Passion
Wed 08 Nov 2017
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Cynthia Nixon gives a career-best, tour-de-force performance as the legendary 19th Century poet Emily Dickinson in the luminous and intensely moving new film from award-winning filmmaker Terence DaviesDavies has looked to bring the life of famed (after her death) American poet Emily Dickinson to the screen for many years. Here he works through a barbed Victorian drama,  gender politics and a literary biography as Dickinson moves through her life.  From impish society lady to the more disgruntled writer knocked back because of her gender rather than talent, Cynthia Nixon offers a strong character study of  Dickinson.


Special access and wheelchair users please inform the box office when you are booking that you may need accessibility seating. T:0504 90204.

Davies’s biopic is a brilliant chronicling of a life lived quietly, one that is sweeping in its emotional depth rather than its narrative scope
David Sims, The Atlantic

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